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The Best Interactive Cat Toys For Your Clever Active Kitty

How exactly to play with your cat.
Cats need a variety of toys, including those they can play with independently and the ones that you utilize to play with them. You’ll also want to provide items for your cat to explore, such as cardboard boxes, paper shopping bags, packing paper and toys that encourage them to investigate various holes using their paws.

Cats are natural hunters, so it is practical that the best way to get those cat moving and playing is to stimulate their predatory instincts. Small, motorized, remote-controlled and battery-powered mice are excellent for capturing your cat’s attention and then getting them to stalk, pounce and chase. Feather toys, which are generally attached to the end of your wand or string, are good bird replicas for your feline friend to stalk and even snatch from mid-air. Another favorite is the laser pointer, which can imitate a bug for your cat toys to hunt and chase. Just make certain to avoid pointing the light straight into your cat’s eyes.

For those occasions when you’re not home, you’ll want toys that your cat can throw around, such as small mice (with or without catnip), or swat, such as crinkle and rattle balls. Interactive toy puzzles that challenge cats to access treats through different openings will keep your kitty entertained and mentally stimulated.

Remember to introduce new toys, or at least alternate toys, occasionally to keep your cat from becoming bored. So you need to let them catch the “prey” every once in awhile. Both these practices could keep playtime interesting for your kitty.

Whenever choosing a toy for your cat you want one which is both safe and good for giving your cat exercise. You can buy some of these toys in the store and you could make some of them at home.

1. Balls:

Cats love chasing balls. Just about any ball can do. TABLE TENNIS balls are great for their size. My cat has even used my kids’ balls using their ball pit. Balls are safe because they can not be chewed open or swallowed whole. For added pleasure give your cat a ball with just a little bell inside. When the cat bats at the ball it’ll hear the bell. This only works with cats that aren’t skittish. A final ball choice is to scrunch up some aluminum foil directly into a ball. Most cats like shiny objects.

2. Yarn with a feather attached by the end:

Only use this toy when using your cat. Don’t leave it out for the cat to experience with alone because the yarn can get caught about the cat’s neck and suffocate it. Contain the yarn out before the cat and slowly pull the yarn away from the cat. The cat will them leap at the feather. That is a hunting reaction a cat could have in the wild. It will pounce on the feather enjoy it is catching its prey. It really is smart way to encourage your cat’s natural instincts and promote exercise at the same time.

3. Buy a remote handled mouse:

That is a funny toy to learn with and also helps encourage a cat’s hunting skills. You should use any remote controlled toy, but a mouse is a far more natural choice. Use your remote to go the thing around the area. Stop when the cat catches it therefore the cat can feel a feeling of accomplishment. Then set up again. Play as long as the cat is interested. That is a terrific way to ensure you get your cat exercising.

4. Buy a catnip sack or make your own:

Make a pillow out of burlap and fill it with cat nip. Then sew it up. Cats go crazy for cat nip and can want that can be played with the toy when they get a whiff of the scent. In case the cat goes too crazy and tries to rip open the burlap then you are going to have to use the toy away. Most cats should be fine with it, however.

5. Buy or make a climber:

Cats want to climb above all else. That’s the reason so many of them get stuck in trees. A climber is vital if you don’t want your cat to start climbing up your drapes. You can purchase some that are fairly inexpensive or you can make one yourself out of wood. Just staple carpet on each step of the climber so the cat doesn’t jump up and slide from the smooth wood surface. Make certain the climber is secure and won’t tip over when the cat plays onto it.