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Can Dogs Eat Watermelon: Is It Good or Bad For Dogs?

Australia loves watermelon; it’s one of the most refreshing snacks to possess on a hot summer’s day. Sitting outside on the patio with your furbaby by your side, but can dogs eat watermelon?

It’s the perfect combination of sweetness and having the refreshing satisfaction. The sweet juice of watermelon jogging down your arm as well as your furbaby licking it up.
Just how much watermelon can dogs eat?
Much like humans, everything should be eaten in moderation. Offering too much watermelon to your furbaby may cause diarrhoea and present your furbaby an annoyed tummy. And we don’t want that.

Treat watermelon as you would some other treat. One to two pieces for small dogs or 2-3 portions for bigger dogs. Keeping in mind to cut into 1 inches thick cubes.

Also when introducing any new treat or food, try a tiny amount first and work into cubes.

Great things about Watermelon
Watermelon is healthy for humans, and the same applies to dogs. Watermelon has a pawsome way to obtain vitamin A, supplement C, magnesium and potassium which will benefit your furbaby’s immune system.
vitamins and whether or not they are offered to dogs and present them the health benefits. Some studies go both ways so you can choose for yourself on that certain.

But we do know that watermelon is not bad for your furbaby, and it’s great option to everyday normal dry snacks.

Not to mention watermelon comprises of 91% drinking water, so definitely it’s a great source of normal water to keep your furbaby hydrated.
Conclusion: Can dogs eat watermelon?
Watermelon is safe for dog utilization offering you do not give your furbaby any seeds or rind.

Goes without aphorism that any snacks, not simply watermelon have to be given in moderation, and really should get as just a little treat only rather than instead of a meal.

Remember to begin with a tiny amount to see how your furbaby reacts to watermelon and slowly introduce to a cube size of just one 1 inch.

As your making watermelon cubes, you will want to add those to your own human mocktail drink. YUM. Excellent and refreshing.
With an increase in canine obesity rates, owners are browsing for healthy alternatives to prepackaged dog treats. Although canine intestinal systems do not process carbohydrates like ours, dogs can still take advantage of the usage of fruits & vegetables.

Dogs absence the enzyme amylase in their saliva, (instead the enzyme is situated in their digestive system), rendering it problematic for dogs to breakdown glucose while they chew. When feeding any food to your pet, one of the main things to consider outside of safety is digestibility.

The overall advice in regards to carbohydrates like watermelon is to give food to in moderation. Feeding too much watermelon can result in various problems associated with digestion.