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Adopting A Safety Dog

Mackie writes:

My buddy who is a puppy trainer offered me his 5 year older Belgian Malinois for adoption. He’s trained like a safety dog so he is able to guard his expert, bite on control, launch the bite on control, stay until released among others. He includes a trophy as third placer in Level 1 safety inside a safety dog competition. I’ve two dogs at the moment: A one year-old along with a nine month-old Labrador… both are females, behavior trained rather than neutered.

I’d like to look at him and I understand I can look after him. Can he acknowledge me after becoming my friend’s preferred pup for 5 years? My pal guaranteed me that he is able to transfer the commitment of your dog to me. He’s a fierce pup when in competition but an extremely quiet pup when beyond your training ring. Actually my friend provides your dog with him on a regular basis and I understand of several events that your dog is normally off leash. He’s offering him up because he really wants to replace him using a youthful dog.

MUST I take him through to his give?

Dear Mackie:

Yes… your dog will transfer his commitment to you.

Listed below are two major issues you should think about just before adopting this dog:

1. The Belgian Malinois (specifically one that is normally bred and educated for bite function and protection pup sports) will demand a whole lot of focus on YOUR PART to understand the way to handle this pup. You are going to need a large amount of schooling… one-on-one design… to effectively integrate this pup into your daily life. It’s like generating a Ferrari or even a race car. The automobile already operates great, but unless you learn the proper way to drive it, you’ll find yourself eliminating yourself. And because you know how exactly to drive a Subaru doesn’t cut it… we’re speaking Ferrari, here. As well as the Belgian Malinois is really a Ferrari using the tricked out Turbo engine.

2. The breed can be an incredibly HIGH DRIVE breed of dog. This dog requirements TONS of workout and mental excitement. TONS. Please take time to recognize that implementing this dog is a major responsibility.

If you opt to get it done, and you also are successful, you should have an amazing friend. The breed is fairly healthy and you may be content material in realizing that you possess a KING OF KINGS so far as operating dogs are worried.

Part of me personally offers always wanted what you’re interested in finding. But my life-style and dedication towards the workout and teaching requirements are something I really do not have as of this current stage in my existence.

P.S. Ensure that your dog isn’t pet aggressive prior to deciding to take ownership.

That’s all for the present time, folks!